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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language. Full text of " Yorkshire Archaeological Journal Vol. The Right Rev. President G. GEE, m. Leeds All Honorary Officers, Hon.

Full text of "Through Airedale from Goole to Malham"

Secretaries of Committees and of Ill be at fat adult hook and Monk Fryston, Representatives of Groups and Affiliated Societies, and the Librarian, are ex officio members of the Council. Honorary Secretary: Honorary Treasurer: Honorary Editor: Secretary for the Record Series: Secretary, Parish Register Section: Lectures Secretary: Mrs D. Secretary, Ancient Monuments: Mrs R. Secretaries, Historic Buildings: RidingB.

RidingD. NEAVE, b. Excursions Secretary: Publicity Officer: Secretaries of Sections. Prehistory Research Section — T. MANBY, m. Roman Antiquities Section — Mrs. Medieval Section — B. Local History Study Section — G. Industrial History Section — Mrs N.

Wakefield Court Rolls Section — K. Representative of the Harrogate Group — Mrs M. Representative of the Doncaster Group — R.

Representative of the Barnsley Group — Miss H. Representative of the Forest of Galtres Society — G. Inventory Officer: Spratt, R. Goddard and D. The Society wishes it to he understood that responsibility for opinions and material contained in articlesnotes and reviews is that of their authors aloneto whom any resulting correspondence should be addressed. The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Vol. Nearby are cairns, a hollow-way from the ill be at fat adult hook and Monk Fryston below, and indications of other circles.

The hut is obviously prehistoric, but its dating awaits evidence from excavation. Horny women Sonoma of the Craven Museum reports the finding by Miss B. Jones during peat cutting of a perforated whetstone, probably of mica schist and now in the possession of Grassington Museum.

Earnshaw reports that in a hearth site, m in diameter, was found at the bottom of a plough furrow, resting on the natural gravel.

Associated were quantities of burnt stones, flint flakes, a sherd of Grooved Ware type pottery, and a flint arrowhead. Nearby surface finds were flint scrapers, a fragment of a polished flint chisel, and sherds of Romano-British pottery and of medieval Staxton Ware.

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Friend s or gf ill be at fat adult hook and Monk Fryston were presented to Sewerby Hall Museum. Hayes reports a group of small cairns, 3 to 7 m in diameter, associated with an ancient field system on the west-facing slope and cut by the modern wall of Black Intake.

Traces of low walling and rectangular plots also appear, especially illl the edge of East Bank, where four or five parallel banks incorporate several cairns. Earnshaw reports the finding by Mr.

Waters of a stone axe. It is of volcanic rock, mm long and 63 mm wide at the cutting edge, of oval section with rounded sides. It was Frystpn by the finder. Stead and A.

Pacitto report that excavation of this large La Tene cemetery Registerp. A number of very small, closely packed barrows held crouched burials orientated north-south, but there were no grave-goods other than pig bones. A burial of similar orientation in a larger barrow was accompanied by a brooch, and the skeleton had a spearhead embedded in the pelvis.

Impinged upon by a cart track on the east, but otherwise apparently undisturbed, the cairn was composed of very compact boulders, several burnt, set on natural yellow shale with iron pan and manganese present around.

No sherds or flints were. Hayes reports that the Rev. Adam found a polished stone axe, cm by 5 cm, of coarse volcanic ash from Langdale or Borrowdale.

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The evidence obtained to date suggests occupation during the later Neolithic period and Early Bronze Age, around 2, b. The possibility of the earthwork being of Neolithic date cannot be ruled. The Parker MS,probably refers to this site: Wm Dunning, late farmer of Fadmoor were levelling a hill aboutin a field fatt Sleighthomedale they found several pieces of ancient armour, such as halberds, spears.

Jefferson is reported by J. Interracial dating online free is of flat oval section, mm long with a cutting edge 50 mm wide, and was retained by the finder.

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Smith reports that during excavations for sewage works J. Rutter obtained the remains of red deer from the base of the peat deposit at a depth of Moni from the present surface. Finds are as yet insufficient to confirm its probable prehistoric date. Briggs and P.

Doughty report the finding by C. Simms bs a Bronze Age axe or ingot pattern. It is of black-grey porcellanous limestone, mm long, mm wide at the blade, 55 mm wide at the butt, and 25 mm. In form it resembles the normal flat copper or bronze axes of the early period but is much thicker.

The porcellanous nature could result from heat contact during manufacture of flat axes. It was presented by the finder to the Yorkshire Museum. Hartley reports that G. Chambers has found a bronze socketed axe, 8 cm long, width at edge cm, at butt cm by 2 cm.


The surface is deeply pitted and covered with a thick green patina. It was broken in antiquity.

Now in the possession of the finder. Williams of the Craven Museum reports the finding on the moor to the east of Kettlewell of ill be at fat adult hook and Monk Fryston cylindrically perforated macehead of ovoid type. Microscopic examination shows that it was made of a fine-grained, light grey quartzite. Hartley reports the finding of a stone axe, damaged and possibly reddened by fire. It is in the possession of Mr. Smith notes that the broken half of an axe-hammer in coarse grey sandstone, with hourglass perforation, was found alongside the perimeter track of R.

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Fylingdales and was presented to Scarborough Museum. Hayes and Mrs. On the east side one large earth-fast kerb stone, 1 m long and m high, remained. Its top was very eroded, but there were at least 30 cup-marks on its west side and possibly more below soil level.

The barrow was probably dug by Canon J. Hartley reports the finding of il, hoard of three Bronze Age socketed axes, now in the Yorkshire Museum.

Gilks reports that G. Chambers completed his investigation of the small Mesolithic occupation site on Bilberry Hill Registerp.

A broken convex scraper, a borer, two scalene triangles, a broken batterback, and the tips of two unclassifiable points were. Smith reports that members of the Teesside Archaeological Society have completed the excavation of the first Iron Age hut Registerp. This proved to be similar in size to the first, but contained definite evidence of iron smelting in the survival of the base of a small furnace, contemporary with the Levisham Moor example, and only the second found in North- East Yorkshire.