Just because the name says “rice cooker” it doesn’t mean that the appliance can only make a single type of dish. Undoubtedly, rice cookers are a perfect option to cook rice but it is also a suitable way to cook a variety of foods. We will be discussing some examples that might convince you to purchase a rice cooker or maybe you get more ideas to use your present one.

If you think that a rice cooker works in a similar manner like a slow cooker works, let me tell you that it uses moist heat over a period of time to cook the food and grab all the flavours in the pot. You can check the best rice cooker buying guide 2018 at Kitchenguyd for detailed information on this. Some of the rice cookers are available with a “slow cook” setting that means if you want you can replace your slow cooker with a rice cooker. Let’s see some of the dishes you can make using a rice cooker.

D1: Boiled Eggs

Yeah, you must be thinking that there are many other ways to boil eggs, a rice cooker is another one. Even though many people prefer to use a pressure cooker, the rice cooker has similar benefits: with a rice cooker, you can use many eggs at once and also it makes it easy to peel eggs. A rice cooker won’t save much of your time over just doing it on the stove, also technically they are not boiled but are steamed and will come out like soft, medium or hard-boiled eggs in the rice cooker.

D2: Frittatas

You may like a frittata more than boiled eggs. You need to pre-cook some vegetables and ingredients you want in your frittata. Now whisk some eggs in the rice cooker bowl and put the ingredients in the egg mixture. Keep the rice cooker on regular rice setting and once it is done, you are ready for a quick breakfast or dinner for two individuals (depends on the size of the rice cooker).

Mini Frittatas

D3: Pork Roast

Instead of using a slow cooker to make a pork roast, you can use a rice cooker to slow cook a pork roast. The method is quite simple, you just need to change the setting to warm after the normal rice-cooking setting cycle and leave it for an hour. With the same procedure, you can cook any kind of meat in the rice cooker, even an entire chicken.

D4: Mac and Cheese

You can, in fact, cook other pasta in the rice cooker, plain pasta or an entire pasta and meat sauce meal.

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D5: Beans

Normally, you need to soak your beans and it further takes about 30 minutes to 4 hours to cook. But you don’t need to do such activities with a rice cooker for cooking soybeans, kidney beans or any other beans. Most of the rice cookers come with a timer and you can soak the beans and set the timer to start cooking the beans when you want it to be done.

D6: Giant Pancake

Now here comes another epic dish you can make in your rice cooker and that is a giant pancake which is I guess enough for a big breakfast or dessert.

Giant Pancake

Bonus: Other Grains

Since rice is also a grain that means you can cook all kinds of other grains in the rice cooker such as quinoa, rice pilaf, grits and many more. You can, in fact, make your breakfast burrito in the rice cooker. I guess most of you must be using your rice cooker just for making plain rice. It needs some experiments with the timing and settings to get a pot of some different kind of dish but you can probably cook anything you want to.

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